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Thank you for writing this!

Does Studwell have any sort of comment on India's industrial policy, development pathway, and associated outcomes? He only passingly mentioned India in the book (which is fair, considering it wasn't the focus of his book in the least, and India had even less to show for industrialisation and development policy then than it does today) and it seems that even as Indian industrial policy, infrastructure buildout, etc has accelerated and become more prominent in recent years, he doesn't seem to have said a whole lot.

I always thought he was a little harsh on Malaysia - however substantial the (very many) policy failures, the fact remains that with no wealthy neighbours other than Singapore and distance from China, Japan and India, a turbulent geopolitical neighbourhood during the Cold War, and not insignificant levels of domestic instability and strife, Malaysia managed to become an upper-middle, approaching high-income (by World Bank standards) country in about 40 years.

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